Herb’s Cider is a craft cider produced by world renowned drummer, Tim “Herb” Alexander and award-winning Cider Maker, Chris Weir. Herb’s is located in the heart of Bellingham, Washington. We use only 100% ORGANIC Pacific Northwest fruit for our sophisticated, bright, effervescent and flavorful ciders. We are dedicated to the craft of fine cider making and use only traditional methods. We do not add sugars (back-sweeten) or anything to flavor our end products. Tim and his wife, Shama, fermented their first batch of cider in their garage in the fall of 2016. It was a blend of Ambrosia / Gravenstein apples and Japanese Pears, leftover from their garden after a bumper crop. They couldn’t give enough apples away and didn’t want the apples to rot. Instead, Tim went out and rented an apple press. The rest is history….

In fact, there’s a bit of history that runs in Tim’s bloodline. His great granddaddy, John Bascom Horn, was an old Kentucky moonshiner. Through the 1930’s, Horn was notorious for his high-end moonshine — with buyers anywhere from politicians to doctors to lawyers… even judges. According to family lore, he was a wild man who loved to drink his own moonshine. We are told, Horn got drunk on his own moonshine, rode his horse through his house, gun in hand, shooting out the windows. He was jailed for bootlegging during the Prohibition. In later years, his shiny copper still was put on display at the local courthouse. It seems Tim picked up a bit of Horn’s old “bathtub gin” spirit and love for producing quality, handcrafted beverages…

Tim and Shama brought on Chris Weir, one of the finest cider makers in the region, as head cider maker. Chris is dedicated to his craft and uses only traditional cider making methods to create exceptionally flavorful, bright and balanced ciders.

Later, Tom Jentz joined the fun, bringing with him 20+ years of business and IT expertise.

The Perfect Partnership.

Tom ~ Chris ~ Shama ~ Tim


Tim "Herb" Alexander / Owner

Herb is a long-time cider aficionado who is making waves in the craft industry after he started making cider in his garage while on break from music. The world knows him as a drummer… Well, not just any drummer. He’s been in a few bands, but is best known for his work with alt-rock band, Primus. He is affectionately known as “Herb” by Primus fans – hence, “Herb’s Cider”.

Shama Alexander / Owner

Prior to starting Herb’s Cider, Shama specialized in corporate sustainability. In recent years she held roles as the Sustainability Officer of North American operations for BC-based LUSH Cosmetics and Director of Industry Relations for the Non-GMO Project. She has an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Business Management and undergraduate degrees in Environmental Economics and International Relations.

Chris Weir / Head Cider Maker

Chris was formerly the original cider maker for Finnriver Cidery, and was most recently a brewer for Port Townsend Brewing Co. He has won awards for his creative and sophisticated ciders. He is young, innovative and passionate about the craft industry. He has 12 years of experience in craft cider, beer, wine and champagne production. He is best known for the creation of the “Habanero” cider.

Deron Belt / Operations & Administrative Director

Deron is an entrepreneur with nearly two decades of operations experience. He is a devout appreciator of apples, Billy Murray and Big Chief writing tablets. Hailing from the Midwest, Deron brought his family (and his love of the Royals) to Bellingham many years ago. Right now, he’s just super excited to help Herb’s Cider reach more taste buds.

Kevin Weir / Assistant Cider Maker

Kevin’s dad was a bee keeper, and started him off early in life making honey mead. He then graduated to pressing apples and making cider, the old fashioned way. He is the production floor staple for filling tanks, pressing, kegging and canning. He loves to make (and drink) only exceptional alcohol.

Charlie Alexander / Cider House Dog

Charlie is our mascot. She roams the floors of our production facility, our offices, our tasting room and our hearts. She’s also lovingly known to the HC team as “Coffee Table” and “1/2-Barrel”.


“HThis is an gem of a place. They have a great downtown location and classy decor, and most importantly delicious cider! We tried a sampler of five different ciders and some fancy cheese and were beyond impressed. Even the customer service was great and friendly. I can't wait to go back for more.”

Lindsey R.

“This place has the best cider! It's cider how it should be without the extreme quantity of sugar that other cider joints may include. The tasting room is on the smaller side, but it is very cozy with a hint of burlesque-romance touches throughout.”

Sarah S.

“Awesome ....just...Awesome here!
Great come and true, clean PNW apples are the only ingredient. Highly recommended!”

Douglas N.

“If you love cider..this is the place.
From dry to sweet you get them here. With some snacks, and brats at times. Cybersport.io editors' Favorite Drink!”

Toly M.

[email protected]